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Freehand centralizes your entire workflow so that you can ensure alignment at every stage of your process and get work done.

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Amazing stories from our customers

Brainstorm. Plan. Collaborate. Get messy. Actually get stuff done. 

Having a digital space to brainstorm your ideas gives everyone a voice. Instead of one person leading the charge, using this brainstorming template gave everyone equal input.

Megan Sempre

Senior Designer, Xbox

We use journey mapping at the early stage of a project. It helps us really hone in on the problems that will have the biggest impact on the customer experience.

Danny Forst

VP Product Design, American Express

Our clients are in Freehand designing the product alongside us. They don’t feel like they’re just observing; they’re actively participating. The ease of use for them to be able to jump right in and contribute has been very powerful in how we’re designing the product.

Rafal Czapski

Sr. Manager Product Design, AdvisorEngine

Use Freehand to take your team on the journey to your final architecture diagram.

Daniel Cowden

Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Presenting work in progress to stakeholders based in other time zones through a public link allows work to progress around the clock.

Christophe Pian

Design Thinking Lead, Credit Suisse

Freehand helped us see where our team converged on common themes.

Edward Lingam

Associate Director, KPMG

Freehand is a great place for brainstorming, goal setting, and collaborating at the early stages of a project.

Paige Costello

Product Leader, Asana

There is something so natural about collaborating in Freehand. It feels like you’re holding a marker, and making ideas happen. I can’t imagine doing that in another tool.

Kirti Bansal

Sr. Product Designer, AdvisorEngine

Freehand allows us to continually iterate on an idea with others, at our own speed. We're able to search through the library in our own time, and then start a dialogue with designers in different countries, in different teams, through the commenting features. This has really helped us break down silos within the bank and work more efficiently.

Amber Agresta

VP Creative Director, Credit Suisse

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