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Take your next team event from boring to roaring with these new Freehand team building features

Emilie Vachon

Looking to uplevel your next team event? We recently added two new features to Freehand that are specifically designed to enhance team building, games, and icebreakers.

The Buzzer and Leaderboard are interactive tools that encourage teamwork, competition, and collaboration among team members. With these new features, teams can create engaging activities and games that can help break down barriers and build stronger team relationships. You can even turn routine training and enablement exercises into fun competitions by gamifying them.

Whether it’s a virtual game night or a team-building exercise, Freehand’s Buzzer and Leaderboard can help facilitate a fun and interactive experience that everyone will enjoy.


Freehand’s Buzzer is the perfect Smart Object to add a touch of playfulness to games and workshops. This fun and interactive tool is designed to break the ice and get your team engaged.

With the Buzzer, every time a collaborator presses on it, a sound is emitted, and the collaborator’s name is displayed. The best part: the noise can be customized to match the mood and theme of your activity! So, whether you’re running a team-building session or a workshop, the Buzzer can help create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

To get started with the Buzzer, try exploring Freehand’s Team Building templates, such as Quiz Master or Home Scavenger Hunt. These workflows are designed to help you get the most out of your team building exercises and ensure that your team has a fun and memorable experience.


Freehand’s Leaderboard Smart Object enables collaborators to count points for each person represented on the canvas. Whether you’re running a small team building session or a large workshop, the Leaderboard feature is a great way to engage your team and add a little competitive edge to your sessions.

The Leaderboard Smart Object takes the tedious job of score keeping and makes it fun. All collaborators that are invited to a Freehand are automatically added to the Leaderboard, and it’s simple to add points each time they’re earned. Collaborators are then automatically sorted based on their point score and at the end of the session, the Leaderboard can be toggled to highlight the collaborators in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. As collaborators go up and down the Leaderboard based on their points, competition for the winning spot can get fierce.

You can find Leaderboard today via the Explore [+] menu in your Freehand toolbar or via Freehand’s Team Building templates; we suggest Two Truths and a Lie and InVision Game Pack.

Flip Cards

From guessing games to Q&A sessions, Flip Cards are the feature you need to get the whole team engaged. They’re a versatile card that allow you to set up a question and answer, with the answer content hidden from view until you’re ready to flip and reveal it to your team. They’re perfect for quick Q&A’s, can be stacked in a deck, or used in icebreakers to get your team to guess the answer to a question.

Use flip cards by putting the question on the front of the card and the answer on the back, then get your team to guess the responses before flipping it over. Create a cohesive look across all your cards by picking different colors to group cards together. You can even use blur mode to make content on both sides of the flip card only visible to you until you’re ready to share with the team. Give Flip Cards a go today with the Quiz Master template!

These three new features come together to foster a more engaging and exciting team building experience. And the best part? They cut down on the amount of manual work needed to create these experiences! Get an icebreaker or team activity up and running quickly with the help of buzzer, leaderboard and flip cards. Hop into Freehand today to give them a try!