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Reference, visualize, and assign people quicker than ever before

Kosta Bolgov

At the heart of successful projects lies collaboration – and managing teams, resources, and assignments efficiently can significantly impact project outcomes. Recognizing this, Freehand by InVision has introduced several product improvements aimed at enhancing the process of referencing, visualizing, and assigning people while collaborating on the canvas.

When managing projects and teams it’s crucial to map people to the right tasks, squads, and working groups. By streamlining the people management process, Freehand empowers organizations to navigate how people resources are allocated and how work is assigned.

The recent improvements to Freehand are driven by the understanding that the tools we use should simplify, not complicate, the process of managing people. With these updates to the people smart object and people cards, Freehand enables teams to speed up planning, allocate resources more effectively, and seamlessly assign tasks while keeping everyone in the loop.

1. Make org planning a breeze with People Cards

To facilitate effective team organization plans, Freehand now offers two new layouts for representing people on the canvas. These people cards enable you to display critical information about individuals, helping to plan for various scenarios, build simple org charts, and enabling you to visually explore how to structure teams for upcoming projects. With a quick glance, you can access key personal details, improving communication and coordination among team members.

2. Curated People Lists: Streamlining Searching and Assignment

Searching for the right individuals to apply to your work on the canvas across a full list of people can be time-consuming. Freehand addresses this challenge by introducing curated people lists. Users can now perform quick searches through the people smart object, conveniently pinning people to create a curated list. This curated list facilitates seamless drag-and-drop functionality and enables swift assignment to cards. You can now also easily invite new team members from your organization to the specific document you’re in, hassle-free, directly from the curated list.

3. Fine-Tuning Notifications to card assignees

Notifications play a crucial role in keeping team members informed about their assignments, but there are times when you’re just drafting a plan and don’t want the person to be notified. We’ve added better control around users getting notified when they’re assigned to a card, so that you can manage when and how often people are alerted. Whether you add a person while editing a card or drag and drop them onto a card, you’ll be able to choose whether to notify that person about the assignment. This ensures that team members receive appropriate notifications, streamlining communication and reducing unnecessary distractions.

Maximizing Productivity and Tooling ROI

This continues Freehand by InVision’s evolution as a powerful collaboration tool, and adds new people management features. These improvements empower organizations to bring more  workflows to the canvas, and unlock resource allocation, and organizational planning as additional ways Freehand can be used. By streamlining the process of assigning, visualizing, and referencing individuals, Freehand significantly boosts productivity across teams and creates more opportunities to consolidate around Freehand. These enhancements directly translate into higher return on investment for IT leaders and organizations, amplifying the value of choosing Freehand as an organization-wide collaboration tool.

For more information on the people smart object, see our support article. Or, if you’re interested in seeing the magic of Freehand yourself, book a demo today with one of our product experts.