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Brainwriting template

Quickly generate and iterate on ideas as a group with the Brainwriting template. 

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Quickly generate and iterate on ideas as a group

Brainwriting is a popular and effective brainstorming technique that encourages rapid idea generation through inviting participants to write down and iterate on ideas.

Unlike traditional, unstructured brainstorming where participants are yelling out ideas — often leading to only the loudest ideas being heard — brainwriting takes a quieter, more inclusive approach to brainstorming.

How to it works

Step 1: Add your participants names to the top row of sticky notes and invite them to the board.

Step 2: Introduce the topic of the brainstorm, and set a timer for 5 minutes for the first round of brainstorming where each participant is asked to contribute one idea.

Step 3: Ask your participants to look at the idea that was contributed by the person to their right. Start the timer again for 5 minutes and ask each participant to add a sticky below that either adds to or improves upon the idea.

Step 4: Repeat this process a few more rounds, and discuss the ideas as a group.

Brainwriting is particularly helpful when:

  • You have too large of a group for effective traditional brainstorming
  • You have particularly quiet participants, or participants who prefer individual activities
  • You are limited on time and want to generate as many ideas as you can
  • You have, or are, an inexperienced moderator

The Brainwriting template will help you:

  • Generate many ideas in a short amount of time
  • Bring structure to a brainstorm that allows for quieter voices to be heard
  • Walk away with ideas and solutions to problems that several people have already spent iterating and improving upon