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Customer Journey template

This free template example, contributed by the innovative design team at American Express, will make it easy for you to create a user journey map to visualize your customer’s experience with your product.

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Create a shared vision with a customer journey map template

The team at American Express is dedicated to making seamless, personalized, and empowering digital experiences for their customers. They use design-thinking practices like customer journey mapping to align rich data and insights to the customer experience.

The American Express team developed this customer journey mapping template using best practices from the industry combined with the internal needs of their own team. Use this template as a cross-functional team to get aligned.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Use American Express’ customer journey map template to:

  • Isolate pain points and opportunities
  • Ensure your ideation begins with meaningful direction and focus
  • Align your team on the customer experience
  • Target the largest areas of impact for your customers and business

How to use this template:

Step 1: List customer tasks and experiences

As a team, map out each step a customer takes in their experience of a product. Be specific about actions taken through wireframes or visual aids.

Step 2: Ask your team for their data insights

As a cross-functional team, add as much data and customer insights that you’re able to and mark any questions or knowledge gaps that arise to help inform additional research activities. You’ll want to bring in your partners to help complete the picture.

Step 3: Collect ideas, questions, and assumptions

With that same cross-functional team, gather ideas for improvements, questions for further research, and assumptions that should be questioned. A customer journey map is just the start. Empathy mapping is a great precursor to the journey map. Plus, layering in business functions within your customer journey can help evolve this into a full service blueprint to inform trade-offs in feasibility and impact during prioritization.