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Daily standup template

This free daily scrum template will make it easy for your team to share updates at your stand up meetings.

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Run effective scrum meetings with this daily stand up template

Quick and to the point: Collect and share updates with your team to achieve daily alignment during your daily standup.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Use InVision’s daily standup template to:

  • Share progress on projects
  • Surface questions and roadblocks
  • Inform and align across team pillars

How to use this template:

Step 1: Share your recent progress

Start by sharing yesterday’s progress. Surface any updates that may help teammates move forward with their work.

Step 2: Plan your work for the day

Describe your goals and next steps, including what you’ll need from other team members to get your job done.

Step 3: Identify roadblocks

Ask yourself two questions:  What’s standing between me and my goals? What could change to help me work more efficiently and effectively? Share with the team to begin tackling problems together.

At the end of your daily standup, your team will see clearer lines of ownership, options for cross-functional collaboration, and clarity on individual goals.