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Design handoff template

Move effortlessly from design to development with the Design Handoff template. From big picture to tiny pixels, this template will help you provide the details developers need to take your designs live.

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Move effortlessly from design to code

Centralize design, development, and product details into one document to make moving from design to code quick and easy. From big picture to tiny pixels, provide clarity to your developers to make design handoffs smooth and collaborative.

With this Design Handoff template, you’ll be able to:

  • Clearly articulate big picture context and design vision
  • Select and embed design screens ready for development from Figma and Sketch via Craft
  • Lay out screens and annotate them using Freehand tools
  • Embed live InVision prototypes to show end to end experience
  • Link relevant Jira issues for extra context

Collaborate easily with extended team members through all of Freehand’s existing tools like video walkthroughs with Loom, commenting, and embeds!