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Empathy map template

This free customer empathy map template example, created by Dave Gray, will give your team a shared understanding of your user. It’s like a customizable persona map on an online whiteboard.

Use Template

Help your team develop a better understanding of your customer with an empathy map template

With author and founder Dave Gray’s empathy map template, your team will create better customer experiences through empathic design thinking and organizational decision making.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Use Dave Gray’s empathy map template, featured in the Stanford D School curriculum and Harvard Business Review, to:

  • Better understand customers, stakeholders, teammates, and more
  • Reconsider the needs of your customers
  • Design products that suit the needs of your customers

How to use

Step 1:  Define your goals

Identify the subject of your empathy map and their goal—an observable behavior.

Step 2: Work your way clockwise around the canvas

Clarify your customer’s observable behavior: “Seeing,” “Saying,” “Doing,” and “Hearing.” Walk a mile in your subjects’ shoes, and imagine their experience.

Step 3: Focus on what your subject thinks and feels

Pay special attention to pains and gains to identify motivating factors that will help your team approach company goals.

At the end of your workshop, your team will have a clearer picture of your customers’ needs and the basis for an action plan with empathy and emotional intelligence at the forefront.