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Gamestorming: cover story template

Prime your brain for innovative thinking with the Cover Story Gamestorm template. 

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Prime your brain for innovative thinking

Cover Story is about the wildest dream for the organization—that has already happened! Suspend all disbelief and envision a future state that is so stellar that it landed your team or company on the cover of a well-known magazine.

This game is not about logic, pragmatism, or parameters. Cover Story is an open-ended, creative-thinking exercise, so tell the players to be wary of any “reality checks” from other players. And as the groups present their visions to the large group, note and discuss any common themes that arise.

These themes—however fantastical—are telling, because commonalities reveal shared hopes and also plant seeds for real possibilities.

What is Gamestorming?

Gamestorming is a set of co-creation tools used by innovators around the world to warm up the mind, break the ice and level the playing field, and to promote mutual understanding and alignment between collaborators.