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Icebreaker template

This free template of icebreaker games comes with two fun icebreaker activities to kick off any meeting. 

Use Template

Spark your team’s creativity with this icebreaker games template

For any team meeting, brainstorm session, or design sprint—use this icebreaker template to warm up your team and encourage them to share.

We’ve got it covered. Use InVision’s icebreaker template to:

  • Create a comfortable space for unique ideas
  • Give everyone on the team a voice—even those who don’t usually speak up
  • Familiarize your team with sharing ideas remotely

How to use this template:

Game 1: Show off your artistic side with a game of Pictionary

Split your group into teams and choose a facilitator. With one minute on the clock, sketch answers in designated boxes and challenge each team to guess the word first. Bonus points if words relate to a current project!

Game 2: Create a family of faces with Team Portraits

Ask each team member to sketch one facial feature in their chosen box. When the facilitator says, “o!” each team member moves clockwise to the next box to draw another facial feature. At the end of the game, behold! A handful of funky faces created by all team members.

Use these games to break the ice for a smoother start to any team activity.