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Marketing strategy template

This customizable marketing strategy template will give you the tools to build an effective marketing plan. 

Use Template

Define your long-term goals with this customizable marketing strategy template

Flesh out your marketing strategy and think through all aspects of your marketing plan. From building a foundation to defining what you’ll need to succeed, this template contributed by the team at will help you nail your marketing strategy.

You don’t need to start from scratch.

Use’s marketing strategy template to:

  • Define your problem, target customer, and more
  • Align as a team on goals, KPIs, and success metrics
  • Consider risks and required resources
  • Plan high-level milestones

How to use this marketing strategy template

Step 1: Set the foundation

Brainstorm the problems you’ll solve and the customers you’ll target. Invite a diverse set of ideas, then prioritize by voting with Freehand Reactions (the smile icon on your toolbar).

Step 2: Build a business case

Map company goals to the problems defined in step one. Consider which metrics you’ll use to measure success, and brainstorm the potential barriers that could prevent you from reaching your goals.

Step 3: Gather your information

Ask the team: What do we know that will help us reach these goals? What do we need to validate with further research? Which stakeholders will be involved in the execution? What is our budget? What other resources will we need to implement this strategy?

Step 4: Start planning

Brainstorm which marketing channels you’ll use to reach your audience and the milestones that indicate success. Start to determine a timeline for achieving these milestones.

Step 5: Bring your marketing strategy to life

Once you’ve finalized your strategy, use to build out a more detailed, interactive plan to manage its execution.

At the end of this process, you’ll have a well-defined marketing plan to help you manage your next campaign.