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Product planning template

Use this template, created by the IBM Design team, to create a comprehensive product strategy with your team.

Use Template

Create a cohesive strategy for new and existing products with this product planning template

The IBM design team created this template to help cross-functional teams approach product planning in a collaborative, free-flowing way. Apply this framework to new or existing products to align on how to build from the ground up.

You don’t need to start from scratch.

Use the IBM design team’s product planning template to:

  • Prepare a productive product planning session
  • Create a shared product strategy
  • Involve a cross-functional team
  • Imagine new products or refine existing ones

How to use this product planning template

Step 1: Prepare for the session

Invite a diverse set of perspectives to your product planning session, including representatives from all parts of the business.

Step 2: Fill out each section of the pyramid

The product pyramid visualizes the relationships between each part of your product plan. Start anywhere and don't feel the need to follow a particular sequence.

Fill out each section within the space to the right of the pyramid. You can do this as a group or encourage participants to tackle sections they feel passionate about.

The template may be completed in a single session or may require asynchronous collaboration to complete.

Step 3: Reflect and iterate as a team

As your team fills out the pyramid, share feedback and iterate. Within the “Goals” and “Hills” sections, use Freehand Reactions to vote on ideas and align.

Your pyramid should be a living document that can be referenced and refined as you get further along the product development cycle.