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Sprint planning template

This free online whiteboard sprint planning template by Atlassian, experts in agile planning and sprint meetings, will help you organize and run your agile planning meetings.

Use Template

Define, plan, and manage your next sprint with your team with Sprint Planning

Use the Sprint Planning template to get consensus on the engineering plan. Try to scope and plan realistically—keep in mind your anti-goals, capacity and other projects, upcoming holidays, and PTO, and leave a smidge of room for unknowns (those will always pop up!). Huddle with your product team to get a sense for the timeline and define the Jira or Azure DevOps tasks for this effort. Once you have sprint alignment, you’re ready to start building.

How to use this template:

Step 1: Add sprint details and discuss any risks

Discuss the goals of the sprint, review capacity, and note any potential risks.

Step 2: Import and size your sprint candidates

Add new sprint candidates using stickies and size your tasks using poll widget.

Step 3: Categorize tasks and plan the work

Convert stickies into cards and drag sprint candidates to the board to organize work.

Pro tip: Use Jira, Azure Devops, Asana, and Trello integrations to import existing tasks and convert stickies into new ones.

When the sprint is complete come back to the template to discuss how it went.