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User research template

Centralize your user notes & research insights into one place with the User Research template.

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Centralize your user research insights into one place

Getting feedback from your users is the best way to deliver great products and experiences. Whatever your research method — whether it’s usability testing, interviews, focus groups, or other — one of the most important (yet challenging!) aspects of user research is consolidating findings and discovering patterns to action on. This User Research template helps to consolidate and centralize your user research findings to be able to validate your assumptions and help discover similarities and patterns across your users.

This User Research template is particularly helpful when:

  • You have several user research participants and you want to centralize insights to be able to identify similarities and patterns
  • You want to standardize the insights collecting process
  • You want to share research findings with the team in a digestible way

This User Research template should help you:

  • Centralize user research findings into one place
  • Validate your assumptions
  • Identify patterns and similarities across insights

How to use this template:

Step 1: Create a row for every research participant and fill it out with demographic information such as name, occupation, company, and age.

Step 2: Use this template during the research session to take notes during each section. Use stickies to note interesting insights and call outs.

Step 3: At the end of the session, write down overall observations and final thoughts as a summary for each participant.

Step 4: Analyze insights across participants in each section to identify similarities and patterns.

Step 5: Synthesize your findings and share with the team!