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Unlock productivity with Freehand and Confluence

Kosta Bolgov

We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Atlassian, an exciting integration that helps streamline collaboration and enhance productivity within Freehand. 

Say goodbye to time-consuming searches for essential information across multiple platforms. With Confluence embeds, you can now access, edit, review and manage important documentation directly in Freehand — eliminating the need for constant tool switching. Effortlessly embed your Confluence pages directly into a Freehand canvas or InVision space so that your product briefs, technical specifications, and other critical documentation are always just one click away.

Seamless planning sessions

Planning sessions just got more efficient. Now, you can access all of the documentation that lives in Confluence from directly within Freehand. So during planning sessions with your team, you can now quickly reference the product brief while utilizing the powerful Sprint Planning smart workflow in Freehand. Your requirements, inspectable designs, architecture diagrams, and planning board can all be accessed by the team in one place and in real-time. Without the distraction of switching tools, teams can focus on collaboration — ultimately speeding planning activities, while also encouraging effective, and inclusive decision-making. 

Unified project spaces

Freehand enables you to keep all project work together in one spot and this integration with Confluence is another piece in that puzzle. Everything you need — all in one place. By embedding your Confluence page directly into a Freehand canvas or Space, you never have to search for important documentation again. Technical specification in Confluence? No problem. Add it to your project space and teams will be able to reference and edit with ease without ever leaving Freehand.

Improved knowledge sharing and onboarding

In organizations where Confluence is used as a knowledge base, the integration with Freehand opens up opportunities for enhanced knowledge sharing and onboarding processes. Key documentation, such as onboarding guides, best practices, or training materials, can be embedded within a specific Freehand or project space where the teams are working. This allows new team members to access and familiarize themselves with essential information directly within the visual collaborative workspace, resulting in a smoother onboarding experience.

Increase productivity organization-wide

The launch of Confluence embeds in Freehand is another milestone in Freehand’s evolution as a powerful collaboration tool. By seamlessly integrating Freehand with Confluence, we are helping organizations to simplify collaboration, streamline workflows and provide easy access organization-wide to the information they teams need to do their best work. 

See for yourself how this this integration is helping to enhance productivity and creativity for teams worldwide.